So, I already told you about my new self-care routine that’s helping me make daily progress on my word, and goals, for the year, which is healthy. I’m not even a month in and I’m already weaned off my antidepressants and feeling better than I did on them. Honestly, I think that is due to the Plexus because before if I was hours late on a dose I would get headaches or migraines. With the Plexus, my worst days during the weaning left me irritable and tired because of the changes in my sleep pattern.

The 60-Day Trim Up Challenge Details

So, the 60-Day Trim Up Challenge isn’t something I’m doing a lot for, besides trying to eat healthier on top of my new 2017 self care routine. I was already using Plexus to help me be healthier, the challenge was just a way for me to join other people who are doing the same thing and get some encouragement, and cheer other people on! During my challenge I’m using Slim, Boost, Block and on occasion Accelerator+. The Accelerator+ isn’t meant to be used long-term, it’s meant to jump start your weight loss so I’m just using up the last of a bottle I had and then switching to Boost. Ian is also unofficially doing the challenge, to support me and get healthier himself.

There are some amazing prizes, but honestly I’m doing it with the idea that my health being better is the prize. Still, I wouldn’t be mad if I had an all -expenses paid trip to Disney World,Trim-up Challenge 2017 Prizes

My daily routine for the 60 day Trim Up Challenge

Here is the daily routine I’m using for my Plexus supplements. I don’t follow this schedule exactly, but the routine is the same every day. Since I’ve been using Plexus since December I’m already in the habit of taking Slim, Accelerator+  and X-Factor in the morning, but the Boost is new to me.

Trim up challenge schedule!

I’ve created a board on Pinterest to motivate myself with the stories of other people who have lost weight using Plexus, and then a bunch of quotes and things that motivate me.

So this is my challenge for the next 60 Days. I’m being healthy, but I’m not killing myself. I’m eating what and when I have more of things that are sugary or high in carbs, I take Block. I’m finding that the longer I’m on my Plexus the less I crave things like a nightly snack… which is awesome because it’s a habit I haven’t had the willpower to break for years. I’m trying hard to make sure that I’m doing everything I can sustainably do this year to get better. My word of the year is healthy, and I plan on continuing to make it a reality.