I am overwhelmed. I had all of the best intentions while I was pregnant to pare down and get all of the clutter out of my house before Logan was born, but that just didn’t happen. I know better than to make those assumptions because decluttering isn’t a process, it’s something that has to be as ongoing as doing laundry. And yet, here I am, disappointed that my house isn’t the pristine shining example of minimalism. So I decided to take a month and make an effort every day to simplify my life by removing 10 things. Sometimes, those things are going to be things I’ve put off, so I’ll mark 10 things off my to do list and sometimes it’s going to be the standard donate, trash, sell or return it method with the physical clutter.

My motivations for the next 30 days

There are all of the usual reasons for wanting to declutter and simplify, like spending less time cleaning, having less stuff to move around and organize and all of that, but I wanted to write down my reasons that are going to keep me personally going this month.

  • I am not doing my best. Me not pushing myself and leaving a lot of things half done, or not started at all, has been causing me severe anxiety that isn’t healthy and is affecting my family.
  • I have too many things swirling around in my head that are left undone. I look around my house and all I see are things I intend to do and/or need to do. It is a serious way of sabotaging my day when I spend my entire day in a cycle of flitting from one thing to another that I should be doing or that I need to handle. Even if I’m not actively doing any of those things, I think about them all day long and it’s making me crazy.
  • Moving day coming soon! Ian has been looking for a job for a while and he’s found something very promising (more details when it happens, keep your fingers crossed for me!) so we’re starting to think about the logistics of moving. Before a move I always go a little decluttering crazy, and this time is no different. I’m looking at all physical belongs through the lens of “Do I love these enough to pay to move them across the country?” which makes a big difference in my perspective! My overall goal is to be able to pack up everything in all rooms in an hour or less, except the kitchen which has a lot more things that need to be secured.

Those are the big things. I can’t wait to get started. So, today I am starting off by making a huge list of everything I could accomplish, including the things I must get done and this counts as my day 1. I’ll post the list tomorrow. Woot woot!