Yay for two weeks of simplifying! This week was awesome and I’m

Day 8

I worked on some new printables, a new list for Autumn for meal time and then my new daily routine, as well as my business daily tasks. I’ve been having a problem with meal times, I feel like I’m doing all of the work and things are still ending up as a mess. It never fails that Logan always needs something when it’s meal time, so I needed to change things up a bit.

Day 9

Today I knocked out some small design projects for clients that took most of the morning. I counted those as only half my things, even though it was easily 10 different items. Just so I got my “did my 10 things” feeling I made my new business daily list and my daily routine printables, laminated them and hung them on the marker board above my desk. I also got rid of the miscellaneous junk that was on the marker board, so it’s all clean and organized now. I actually opened the magnetic clips that I bought ages ago and am now using them… I love it when things are matchy-matchy. Some call it OCD, others of us call it visual organization. ūüėČOffice Board- Simplifying 10 Things a Day for 30 Days

Day 10

The weather, and Logan, cooperated this morning so I went outside, let Autumn do some sidewalk chalk outside and I cleaned out a lot of things out of the storage unit. I mostly just organized, but I did get rid of two boxes and a few trash bags of junk. I have a pile of cardboard boxes that I’m going to deal with eventually, but Logan needed to nurse as soon as I got to that point so I’ll come back and do that later.

Day 11

I cleaned out the medicine closet today. From where I had been stockpiling things and hadn’t organized them, it got a little nuts in there. I got rid of the accessories to an old shaver that didn’t work, which was easily 10 pieces, the I combined the multiple supplements that I had doubles of with more than one half-empty bottle (because¬†keeping those¬†makes sense?)

Day 12

Autumn has a¬†lot of large toys in her room. She doesn’t have an unreasonable number of toys, just a lot of big ones. So I sat her down and we talked about how Mommy has been taking things we don’t love to Goodwill (which she calls Goodwhale – no one can ever say life with a toddler is dull) and I wanted to know if there was anything in her room that she didn’t love and appreciate anymore. I didn’t pressure her or try to force it, I’m going to purge her room at some point anyway but I wanted to try to encourage her to do it on her own some if she’s ready. Her response wasn’t the most encouraging, “I just love all of my things and I will never get rid of any of them. I will love them and keep them forever.” So, I resigned myself to the secret purging and sneaking things out in large black trash bags under the cover of darkness.

She surprise me later on by asking me to take a large black stuffed horse to Goodwhale, because she didn’t love him anymore and he was in the way of her playing.¬†For the win!!!! So, the large horse left today. I also got some things out of my closet to send in my next Swap.com box.

Day 13

We went through Autumn’s stuffed animals today. She and I have been talking about the lots of stuff I have been sending to Goodwhale, as she calls it, and I figured she might be willing to get rid of some after the discussion yesterday about the stuffed horse. We went though and she got rid of maybe 5 of her babies, 2 of which she decided against sending away. I was totally fine with that and we both left happy. I don’t want to force decluttering on her, that’s not fair. But I do want her to be comfortable letting go of things and not insisting she needs replacements like some spoiled kids I know. That just defeats the purpose!

Day 14

Today was kind of a crafts day. I didn’t exactly get rid of things, but it was simplifying. I got a pack of washi tape for Christmas with a ton of tapes. Some of them I’ll never use, so I’ve been trying to think of how to put them to use without having to, well, look at¬†them. Autumn has been asking to borrow my “special tapes” every day when she does coloring and cutting time so I decided to give her the ugly ones ones that I don’t need and I not have room for all of my tapes on my holder. She’s happy because she has ‘special tape’ to use to her heart’s content and I don’t have to feel bad for not using a gift.

I also have a habit of saving the brown wrapping paper that comes in our Amazon boxes for Autumn to paint on. I had a stack that was taking over the closet in the office, so I cut it up into pieces that are the right size for her painting and taped them on the door. When she wants to paint, it’s one less step to prepare and I have more room in my closet for things I actually want to store. It works almost as well as the fingerpaint in a bag, which is great. Plus it’s using up paint so we don’t have to transport it when we move. Sure, we can get more, later, but any liquids we can avoid moving the better!

This evening I’m working on a sweater I started making for myself back in 2014 (don’t judge me) so all of the yarn I have can fit into my