This week I am feeling the need to purge. Things have been really crazy and hard, and true to my nature I decided to channel some of those feelings of chaos into cleaning. My mother cleans out closets when she’s stressed, I decided to clean out the kitchen this week. I suppose that’s one of the benefits of having just me here without another adult, no one to argue with over stupid things like what clutter we have to keep and couldn’t ever possibly get rid of.

Real pictures from a kitchen de-clutter day, I can do this!The first thing I did was I went through my silverware drawer, because I
figured that was a small place to start that would have a lot of extras I could easily get rid of.

I realized that I had exras of:

  • serving spoons
  • measuring spoons
  • George Foreman grill scrapers
  • wooden spoons
  • everyday silverware

One of the things I’ll note is that for everything but the normal, everyday silverware I donated them. Since it’s just me at the house right now with Autumn I figure I don’t need to have all of this silverware in easy access, but I do want to keep it because it’s a very nice, matching set that’s in great order. I’m sure eventually my situation will be different, so I put them in storage with my things I use infrequently, like cookie cutters.