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I’m Christina, the momma behind Youthful Homemaker. I write here mostly to keep myself sane, because I am more extroverted than your average person and have a lot of words to use up every day…gotta have somewhere to put them, right? I also love sharing and talking about things I’m learning and ways I am constantly working improve things for me and my family.

Why “Youthful Homemaker”?

1.being young and not yet mature
2.marked by or possessing youth
3.having the vitality or freshness of youth

When I named this blog, my parents laughed at me. Originally, I named it because I was young and youthful seemed like a nice way to describe me. At least, it seemed better than “pretty much inexperienced and doesn’t know much.” Now, as I’ve gone through crazy things like having my firstborn, going through an abusive marriage to an addict and then divorce, then finding my soul mate and making a second sibling for my little girl Autumn… the youthful part has a lot of meaning for me.

The more I learn about ‘this homemaking stuff’ the more I realize that we’re all just here to learn. No one really has it together, and no one has all of the answers. None of us are finished learning yet, so I try to make it my goal to approach everything like I’m not finished growing and that I can go on endlessly, always learning and improving. Of course, since I’m stubborn and prideful, I don’t always succeed, but hey, if I didn’t make mistakes then I would have a lot less stories to tell!

Who I am

I’m an independent, excited and enthusiastic work at home professional who also happens to love being a mom and a wife. In 2012 my daughter Autumn was born and I think she’s pretty awesome. Becoming her mother helped give me the strength and motivation to leave a toxic and abusive marriage, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

In 2014, I married my soul mate who has helped me rebuild my life with my baby girl and recover from some of the craziness that happened before he came along. We liked the first minion so much, we decided to make another one, and Logan was born in February of 2016.

Youthful Homemaker - Root Family 2017

This is my crazy family, including my grandparents. We’re missing my youngest sister here and my Autumn, but basically, we’re just a goofy bunch of nuts.

What I do here

The thing I love about working from home is that I can pretty much do what I want. For me, that means I can share and help others learn from my mistakes and the things I do on the daily.

I enjoy having this blog as a place to help others learn, but also as a place where I can give others a place to ask questions and know they will get encouragement from a friend and someone they can trust to shoot straight and tell it like it is. When you’re here, you’re

What you will (and won’t!) find here

I write about what’s really going on in my life, so if you stick around you’ll hear all about my family, parenting, fun homemaking adventures like amazing food and how we make it through getting out of debt without having to live on rice and beans.

You’ll always find freebies like printables, partially because I love ya and maybe a little bit because I might be something of a checklist and organization junkie.

Because my blog is all about sharing, learning and encouraging, you won’t get bombarded with a lot of annoying ads and sponsored posts. Yes, I do have some sponsored ads in the sidebars, but most of my income here comes from the store and affiliate links that I share when I’m talking about products I know and use. I love being able to support my family, but I would rather make less money and not waste your time with the junk you find on blogs that have sold out to make a quick profit.

My Most Popular Blog Posts

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The Well-Packed Snack Bag for Frequent Travelers with Kids

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Why I Don’t Shop at Multiple Stores to Save Money on Groceries

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Working from Home with a Toddler & Baby

Working for yourself always has challenged and struggled, but can I just say that working for myself from home with both little people at home has been a huge adjustment! I have been asked more times than I can count recently how I work from home with both a little...

Logan’s Birth Story

I had every intention of doing everything natural with Logan's birth, but obviously he had his own plans. Because it's all wrapped up in the same story, I'm actually going to share some of my journal entries from the days leading up to his birth, as well as my...

Mess-Free Fingerpainting in a Bag for Toddlers

The last few weeks I've been really feeling this third trimester exhaustion, so I've been trying to keep all messy activities to a minimum. Knowing your energy levels are prone to drop at any time makes things like cleaning up paint far more daunting, but I still want...

30 Minute Tortellini Soup Recipe

Tortellini Soup is easily my favorite recipe. It is filling, easy to make and the ingredients are easy to keep on hand for a meal that's perfect for cold weather or to feed a big crowd. I like the fact that I can use all fresh ingredients or have everything easily...

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