One of my favorite things about being a work at home mom is having the time to experiment with new things. Ian has eaten spaghetti squash all of his life, but I can’t remember ever eating it, so I was excited about breaking out into something fun and new. And, in addition to being a cheap meal, it’s also grain-free so I could eat as much as I want and not feel guilty, unlike real spaghetti!

So, baking spaghetti squash isn’t that difficult. Because you do bake it, it’s not quite as easy as real spaghetti, but still not terrible.

First you slice it in halves and scoop out the seeds, just like when you’re carving a pumpkin for Halloween. Add some oil into it and then you’re ready to bake.

Throw it into a baking dish and bake 30-40 minutes, let it cool until you can work with it without burning yourself and you’re basically done.┬áJust scoop it out with a fork and then serve it like spaghetti. Grab some sauce and cheese, and if you’re a meat person grab that too. I personally found the spaghetti squash a little boring without the taste of some meat added to the sauce, but if you aren’t a big meat eater like me then it may not bother you.

Update 4/6/16
This made a great, cheap dinner to have on hand for after Logan was born. I wasn’t crazy in love with it, but it was cheap, filling and just required thawing and heating to serve. Definitely a winner!