I’m a huge fan of baby wearing. When I was pregnant with Autumn, we even put my youngest sister in the Moby Wrap just to see how we could make it work and it was awesome. I loved using the Moby Wrap until Autumn got too big for it and I wished I had something I could use to carry her.

When we went to Disney back in 2014, my in-laws had a backpack that they brought to carry Autumn in. They used it for their youngest son, which was the best we had at the time. But the heavy metal framed backpack, well, it sucked. After a few hours of wearing it, Ian or my father in law’s back killed them. So while it was a nice thought, it just wasn’t practical. Several evenings of painful backaches told me there had to be a better way. Enter the Boba 4G. boba-carrier-logan2

Can I just way that the first time I saw a Boba 4G I was in love. I got really excited, picked it up, then saw the price and quickly told my husband that while I loved it, I didn’t love it that much. I still hold to that. $120 is too much. I got my Boba used from someone in a Facebook Yard Sale Group for $60. Still a lot, but a lot more affordable. I tried it out with Logan and LOVED it. It’s more secure than the Moby Wrap, without the need for adjusting throughout the day.


I loved using the Moby when Logan was really little, but as he got bigger I had the same problem I had when Autumn was bigger. Once she got too big for the Kangaroo carry, I didn’t feel like I could keep her secure without having to readjust a lot because she moved and wiggled and the Moby loosened too much.

With the Boba, I haven’t had that issue. I’d been wearing Logan in it for weeks without a problem when I thought it would be fun to give it a try with Autumn. It’s rated for a toddler of up to 48 pounds, so it should work, right? Yeah, my confidence in it wasn’t high.


She was thrilled to be included in the wearing ( I suppose it’s toddler wearing when they’re three?) and she had a blast. Getting the Boba adjusted for her, instead of Logan, was a little nuts.  We had a lot of fun, Autumn thought it was hilarious.

boba-carrier-autumn3After we got her all situated, we ran around and acted the fool. I was actually very comfortable, surprisingly so. It wasn’t  uncomfortable, it really wasn’t much different than carrying Logan.


I am thrilled that we found a way to carry her if we should need to. Trips like Disney, or when we already have Logan in another a carrier and Autumn is tired, it’s perfect. I am so excited.

On another note: I never figured out how to breastfeed in the Moby. It was always too hot and it was smothering to Logan and Autumn whenever I tried. I’ve been able to successfully nurse Logan a bunch in this carrier, which is awesome because it means that I can nurse discreetly with Logan comfortable and it’s not torture for either one of us. That in itself is probably worth the $60 right there.


Ultimately, I can’t tell you that I would go out and buy a full priced Boba today. $120 for a carrier is, frankly, unreasonable.  But if you’re looking for a carrier that can allow you to comfortably carry a baby and a toddler, then go find a used Boba. Don’t pay full price for one, because it’s an amazing carrier, but full price is too much. Get one used and love the heck out of it.