Last week I almost gave up on my efforts to be healthier. Like, I seriously sat and stared at a bag of Smart Food popcorn (my old arch nemesis and addiction) at the store and contemplated if it was worth the almost 1,000 calories, just to make me feel better. Almost overnight, I went from being down a size in jeans to bloated and being unable to fit into my fat pants. I couldn’t even comfortably wear my stretchiest leggings without feeling confined. For the first time this year, I felt lower-energy and discouraged. I wanted to comfort myself with food. I figured it wasn’t so bad, but then when I did my weekly measurements to track my progress, I had gained FOUR ENTIRE INCHES. That is a lot for me!

The worst part was that I really had been making great choices throughout the week. I’d been snacking well, not overeating, not really wanting a lot of sweets, and I’d been really good about trying to drink as much water as I could make myself drink. Definitely not as much as I should, but I was making good progress. Or so I thought. So, that led me to the store, the bag of popcorn sitting there, calling to me like an old familiar friend. I thought about the taste, and grabbed the bag. I actually walked half way down the aisle before I realized I didn’t want the popcorn. I mean, I did, don’t get me wrong, but what I really wanted was to fit into a pretty new dress for my skinny sister-in-law’s wedding.

I really want to fit into my skinny jeans again, and to rock out a backless dress.

I really want to be healthy, to have more energy and to be able to keep up with my kids instead of huffing and puffing because I’m out of shape.

I put the popcorn back, got back in the car and finished my day. I didn’t binge, I drank lots of water.

The next day (which was around day 4 of the crazy bloating) two things happened. Firstly, I had my first period I’d had since Logan was born. I also ended up taking BioCleanse because it had been several days since I’d done a #2, and that is not normal for me. I attributed a lot of my bloated and sluggish feeling to that, not even considering that I would start my period. By the second day of my period, most of the bloating was gone and the BioCleanse had done it’s job (we don’t really need to talk about that, do we?).

Long story short, it’s really hard on those days when you’ve gained weight, or inches. It’s hard when you just want to see progress and you don’t. Those are the most important days to focus on doing one thing that’s good. For me, that was drinking water. I wasn’t at a place where I really could have exercised, so drinking water was the best thing I could do for myself. Find something that won’t push back your progress and do that!

This is the number one thing that’s helped me stay focused on being healthier. Yeah, it’s easy to focus on weight and inches, but it’s not just about that, right? Having a healthier body will result in a better weight and less excess inches, so focus on that!

  1. Drink water – I add fruit to my water a lot, because plain water just doesn’t thrill my soul. I also drink a lot of tea, which helps me feel better, without having to resort to sodas to get something sweet to drink
  2. Choose healthier indulgences – when I do indulge now, it’s not a 1,000 calorie bag of popcorn or half of a cake. I use Block (which, true to it’s name, blocks up to 48% of the sugar and carbs in a meal or snack… heck yeah) to help me when I just have to have something sweet, but then I also choose healthier alternatives like sweetened yogurt instead of ice cream, fruit with a little chocolate instead of a bag of M&Ms… the list goes on. Pick something that’s a step healthier than your old habit and choose that.
  3. Talk it out to a supportive friend – my best weight loss partners are my best friend and my mother. My best friend shares some similar struggles with me, and we can talk freely about our struggles without being berated for failures, or encouraged to make bad choices when we are on the fence.

I cannot tell you how important it is to choose the right person to talk to, though, or you’ll just set yourself up for failure. My supportive people are supportive of the healthy choices I should be making. They push me to be better, but they also understand that I am not perfect and have bad days. They push me to become better, and they are some of the best people I could choose for the job of being my support.

I wouldn’t, for example, choose my mother in law as my weight loss cheerleader. Instead of making healthier choices, she had weight loss surgery and cheats on her diet literally every time I see her. When we are together opportunity to indulge is never passed up for her, and I don’t need that kind of “encouragement” – that kind of behavior got her to her heavy weight, and me too! That kind of encouragement and mindset is toxic to me, so I don’t chose to discuss weight or eating healthy with her when it comes to my day-to-day choices.

I really want you to know that if you’re having a bad day, I get it. Just don’t set yourself back by eating tons or drinking all of your calories. I promise, it isn’t worth it.