Yeast infections suck. The irritating thing (see that I did there? lol) is that I only ever get them when I’m pregnant. UGH! So, this week I was feeling a little itchy and yucky and I realized that yeah, one of those joys of pregnancy had come back to visit me. I’ve been pretty careful about my diet recently, since we’re mostly on whole foods and since I’m on a pretty low-grain diet I don’t worry too much that I’m feeding it with a poor diet, so I figured I would look up a topical cream to help the irritation that was natural and I could make at home.

Homemade, Really Easy Coconut Oil Salve for Yeast Infection during Pregnancy

The problems I found with a lot of creams were that either they had oils I didn’t want to use while pregnant or I didn’t have the things on hand to make them. So I ended up using some of my favorite oils in small amounts for their soothing, healing and cleansing properties and added them to some softened coconut oil. That’s it.

yeast-infection-salve vertical

After using my mix, I went ahead and put on one of my lovely washable pads, because I was so irritated that the soft facing was helpful, plus since it’s coconut oil I didn’t want coconut oil swamp happening in the panties. Blech.

I also started taking some extra garlic since it kills everything bad and grapefruit seed extract which is known to be really effective against yeast. A couple of days later I felt much more comfortable and within a week I was back to normal, pretty much just being exhausted all the time and dealing with all day sickness here and there.

Let me know if you’ve used this or something similar? I hadn’t ever tried dealing with this issue the natural way, so this is new to me and I’d love to hear your take on it!