While I’ve been working really hard on simplifying and paring down, I know I tend to overpack for things. I’ve tried to make sure I have as many multi-purpose items as possible, to save on space while still letting me feel prepared. There are a lot of things I debated on, but ultimately here is what I’m going to be bringing with me!

ClothesNote to self: do NOT forget to pack an extra shirt in my hospital bag!

Since I’m 6 months pregnant, I should be about the size I’ll be after labor (a slightly horrifying thought and discouraging thought, admittedly) but at least I can know that the clothes I’ll bring for afterward won’t be too small or unflattering.

  • Nursing bras
    I’ve been wearing these since I stopped fitting into my pre-pregnancy bras, because why invest in new bras if you’re just gonna keep getting bigger?
  • Nursing top
  • Nursing pads – disposable
    Most women don’t need these this early on, but it’s good to be prepared. I know that I do leak once my milk comes in and I also will be applying some coconut oil as a nipple moisturizer (I talk about that later) and don’t want that on my bra and showing on my shirts.
  • Compression nursing top
  • Socks
  • Granny panties
    I bought these so I wouldn’t have to wear any of the ones I liked so if anything got ruined I could toss them without a shred of guilt.
  • Super-soft snuggly sweater
    My mother got me this amazing sweater that is so unbelievably soft, and she bought it big enough so that I would be able to wear it my whole pregnancy. The best part about that is that it will be big enough to wear and wear around baby and I to keep us warm. The warming blankets are great, but I remember my arms freezing and having to do awkward swaddles with the blankets because I didn’t think that I would be cold and shaky after labor with Autumn. Lesson learned!
  • Nursing cover-up
    I’m not shy, and if it’s a nurse or a doctor walking into the hospital room, then I really don’t care if they see me nursing the baby, but I’m not keen on showing the family members who are going to want to come visit the baby my ta-tas either. 


The hospital I’m giving birth in provides a lot of things, so I’m not going to be bringing a lot of extra things that I would to take care of myself.

  • Soap, face wipes, shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairbrush, my Lilla Rose hair clips and a couple of hairties
  • Coconut oil salve
    This stuff is good for all kinds of things, it works as a nipple cream, a lip and skin moisturizer and a carrier oil for essential oil mixes. Definitely an all in one kind of thing, perfect for someone who is trying really hard not to bring everything but the kitchen sink.
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Makeup
    Just a little something, more so I feel a little less frumpy at the end of the day then anything. 
  • Contact case, solution and glasses
  • Heating pad
    My hospital provides ice packs that I’ll use also those, but with Autumn I had much more success with the heating pad helping calm my inflammation. I read this article after Autumn was born and I felt so much better then when I was using ice. 

If I didn’t know my hospital provided them, I would have also packed these, just for reference if you’re a first time mom or you’re not sure what your hospital provides:

  • Huge pads
  • Dermaplast spray with the blue lid
    I am not sure if I’ll be using this, because I will have my oil mix in a spray bottle, but it can’t hurt!
  • Tucks pads
    I have witch hazel at home and the cotton swaps, so we’ll have plenty of supplies there.

Essential Oils

I put a lot of time and thought into the oils I would bring to the delivery room. I mixed my own blends and put them in nice travel sized bottles so I could have an oil for everything without having to carry a lot of big bottles… who needs more stuff to carry and keep track of? Also – some of the oils I use are a specific brand, but I am by no means brand loyal. If you find a mix or brand that you prefer, then please use them! The links to DoTerra essential oils support my wonderful mother, so thanks from her if you decide to go through my links, I know she appreciates it!

Essential Oils for LaborA quick and simple list of essential oils for use during labor and delivery - pinning now for later!

I packed some Deep Blue by Doterra for pain relief, something that helps me a lot with muscle pain. I plan to use it on my back, which is pretty sore all the time anyway, so I figure it won’t be any better during labor. The more I can concentrate on staying relaxed during the discomfort and working through it, the better off I’ll be!

I also have a mix of Jasmine and Lavender for the actual labor, if you’re a brand person my Lavender is from BeeYoutiful and I’m not sure about the jasmine, it was given to me by a friend. Jasmine makes your contractions more intense (which is why they don’t recommend it while you’re pregnant) and the Lavender is just kind of good for relaxation and is a catch-all feel good oil. I like the fact that it can be diffused or applied to my essential oil necklace because it won’t irritate my skin.

Essential oils for after labor

For my mood stabilizer I chose my favorite blend which is Cheer up Buttercup from Now Foods. My best friend got it for me when I was really struggling with depression during this pregnancy, and it has been a godsend!

I have a recovery blend I made myself containing the following oils:

This mix was one that is supposed to be good for overall healing. It can be used topically when diluted to help with the labor afterpains, but it can also be applied to the perineum if there is any tearing to help encourage healing. I tore pretty badly with Autumn and would really rather not have to repeat that healing process again by doing it the way I did the first time.

Food and Nutrition

I don’t believe in starving pregnant women who are in labor, and you can bet your booty that if I am in labor and I’m hungry that I’ll be eating. I was also insatiably hungry afterwards (23 hours of laboring without food…who wouldn’t be hungry?!) When we got to the maternity suite it was nighttime and the only thing they had was two turkey sandwiches, and that was nice but just didn’t cut it.

  • Infusing water bottle
    I have found that I drink more water when I don’t have to worry about doing frequent refills, so in order to help me stay better hydrated and feeling better overall, I knew this needed to come. The fruity taste doesn’t hurt anything either!
  • Pineapple juice
    I used this with great success after I got home from having Autumn, so I plan on bringing some cans with me to the hospital to help with the inflammation and the pain. 
  • No bake cookies
    I’ve had these in the freezer for a while in a bag marked “for labor. don’t eat. seriously” because I knew I would want some comfort food. They have coconut oil in them and oatmeal, which is healthy in general but also good for breastfeeding. Yay! 
  • Red Raspberry Tea bags
    Red raspberry tea is good for so many things, during and after labor. It’s even good for breastfeeding, plus it tastes good and it’s better than plain old water, so it can’t hurt. 


  • Charger
  • Camera that isn’t our phones
    I made sure the memory card was wiped and the battery was charged so we wouldn’t have to worry about the charger and other junk. 
  • Nurse thank you gifts
    I wanted to do something nice for the nurses, because nurses are gifts from above that deserve way more kindness than they get. Anyone who cleans up that much body fluid in a day deserves to be treated like the angel they are! 

Note to self: do NOT forget to pack an extra shirt in my hospital bag!