Mess-Free Fingerpainting for ToddlersThe last few weeks I’ve been really feeling this third trimester exhaustion, so I’ve been trying to keep all messy activities to a minimum. Knowing your energy levels are prone to drop at any time makes things like cleaning up paint far more daunting, but I still want Autumn to be having fun and I don’t want to resort to do a lot of excess screen time.

Mess-Free Fingerpainting for ToddlersFinger Paint in a Bag Instructions

1.Mix 2-3 colors of paint in a gallon sized bag and seal it up. Tape the bag to the table to keep it securely in place.

2. If you have a dark colored table, add a piece of paper beneath the bag before taping it to the table to help make the paint more visible.

Finger Paint in a Bag Tips

We tried adding glitter, but it really wasn’t noticeable once the paint was dispersed. It may have worked better if we had included larger glitter, but I just kind of gave up on the idea.

I noticed the paint wasn’t moving very easily at first, so I added a Tablespoon of water to make the paint smear a little easier. That made a world of difference!

Autumn got bored after a whole 5 minutes, then she had the idea of using her ‘little faeries’ to ‘go ice skating’ on the paint. They aren’t anything special, just fairies that stand on round discs that were a hand me down from one of her aunts. I think they belong to some kind of Playstation game? Once she had them, the activity lasted for another half hour.  I would make sure if you use any figures with the paint bag that you just don’t use anything with sharp corners that might puncture the bag. Obviously, that would kind of put a kink in the whole ‘mess free’ thing.


We had a lot of fun doing this, and the clean up was literally just peeling the bag off the table and tossing it. I’m definitely adding this to the list of easy independent activities Autumn can do after Logan comes!