Create income that grows

As you work consistently and gain followers, your work continues to work for you.

Know what to Pin

Learn how to create Pins buyers love, without guesswork and self doubt.

Create income without huge investments

The only investment you need is your time and to follow the steps I outline.

What students are saying

I thought it was cool that by frequently sharing things for Zazzle, I upped my income. 

Before it used to be all about whether or not I had the mojo to share something. I set it all up in the first day,  now it’s all automated between Tailwind and Social Jukebox. I made nearly $200 in Zazzle royalties. 

Kimberly Eddy

Thoughts and Designs

Every time I work with Christina, I’m reminded of why I chose to partner with her in the first place. She’s prompt, professional, super easy to work with, and has a great sense of humor. Can’t recommend her more highly! Keagen Grace

Author of the upcoming book The Service Dog Bible.

I started making a little money the next day. It’s been great! I have five kids living at home, two of whom are in college. Every little extra bit helps!

Malia Russell

Mother of 6, grandmother of two

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I don't want to do any direct sales, blogging or selling stuff.

Okay, cool! Because we’re talking about sharing on Pinterest, and this has nothing to do with:

  • selling anything
  • writing blog posts
  • having to make a list of 10 friends that you call to badger into having a party to sell products
  • … or other annoying stuff like that
How much money can I make?

I started making $100 a month when I had right around 2,000 followers, but I have friends who make more with less followers, so who knows?

There are over 150 million active Pinterest, and tons of them are your potential customers. How much you make is determined by how well you follow the steps I outline and how much time you invest into the project.

There are no guarantees, but I am only here to share what I know works. Follow the system in the class and you’llsee amazing returns.

When can I get started?

Right away! The entire ecourse is available for instant access!

Get instant access to the video,

Making Money on Pinterest at Home!

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