PBOB 700

When I found out we were going to be moving into our first house before Autumn arrived, I was a little overwhelmed, but also thrilled. For about the same money we were going to spend on an apartment each month, we would have double the space, plus a yard for the dogs and eventually our little one to play in. Because of the extra square footage, we could actually have a dedicated space just for our girl, that doesn’t have to store other things like Christmas decorations and such in the closet!

So, once I knew we would have enough space to be able to store all of the baby things in one place, I started pouring over everything I could to give me ideas for nursery organization and decoration, and keeping the ideas on Pintrest. Since we moved into the house in September, so we would (in theory) have plenty of time to implement all of the DIY solutions I found before the baby arrived in November. I will post pictures soon of the results, but for now here are some of the biggest things we did to help make the nursery functional, and so simple to clean up that even my husband can clean up without having to ask me where every little thing goes. I got everything pretty well setup, but here are some of the ways I made things a lot easier on myself. They might not work for everyone, but they worked very well for me

Decoration and Organization in the Nursery

Photo Credit: Pintrest

The diaper-changing station needs to be big enough so it doesn’t constantly need to be refilled. I hate those small plastic wipe holders that only hold about thirty wipes, they don’t even hold enough for a few days worth of diaper changes, so I choose to pass those on and keep the larger plastic tubs at our baby changing stations so we didn’t need to constantly refill them. Seriously, who has time for that?

All organization should be able to grow as the baby grows. We added cardboard inserts to the drawers to keep her little baby clothes organized, but ultimately we found that was more of a hassle than a help. We paired down her clothes so that all of one size would fit into a single drawer when she was small. We had them arranged by Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, then 6-9 months. All other clothes went into storage in her closet.

Because babies outgrow clothes approximately every three months like they have some kind of superpower, it is pure silliness not to be prepared for it. We decided to keep a tub under the crib for outgrown clothes. Once the tub was full, I would fold it all neatly and store it away, until I was ready to sort through it to consign, donate, or repurpose the clothes for later use. The tub was in a convenient location, but one that was out of the way. That system is actually the same thing we do today. We have a tote bin where all of the too-small clothes hang out until I’m ready to deal with them or the tote is full.

One good thing to remember when trying to prepare a frugal and cute nursery is that organization becomes decoration when it looks cute, so look for free and cheap ways to make your storage solutions more aesthetically pleasing. The photo on the left is a perfect example of this. Instead of stuffed animals all over the floor, keep them on a very simple, not to mention cute, wooden shelf. The fabric strips holding the shelves up are cute, but could also be washed or changed out later when you want to change the decor. You don’t have to fill your baby’s room with useless decorations! They are just a waste of money that your kid will outgrow anyway. When you are finished with them, when shelves like the ones made of 2×4′s can be repurposed.

What tips do you have? How did you organize your nursery on a budget?