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Selling on Amazon for a Full-Time Income
Selling on Amazon sounds like a big, scary thing, or at least it did to me when we started. It wasn’t really all that hard once we knew what tools to use and found a process that worked for us.
We could have made a ton of more money, but we were lazy and enjoyed working two weeks out of the month and spending the other two weeks doing whatever we wanted. I mean, can you blame us? So, here is what we did.

Week 1 

Week one we spent shopping for books, mostly at library book sales, then printing labels for the Amazon barcodes and packing the shipment to ship to Amazon. At a book sale, we would use scanners to determine whether a book (or other product, although we mainly focused on books) was within our selling parameters. These were the things we considered when purchasing:
  • Worth above a certain amount. It had to sell for above $4.60 in order for us to make a profit
  • Low ranking. The lower the ranking, the better! Think of it this way: if someone told you they were selling a #1,000,000 best seller book, would you be excited if you were looking to buy something fresh and exciting? Um, no. But if you told them you were selling them a #1 or a #5 bestseller, that’s great, right? So we aimed for under 100,000.
  • Buying Price. There were a lot of libraries and thrift stores that sold their books for $0.25 and $0.50 a piece, which was great. But when a seller wanted $1.50 for a book, that was too much and we had to consider that when buying our product.
Just a note: we focused on selling books, which is the model I’m sharing with you, but there are a lot of sellers our there who do something similar with other products. You are not limited to books by any means!

Week 2

We spent a few days of week 2 making sure RePrice it (which I’ll talk about in a minute) repriced things correctly and then checked our stats. That’s it.

What you Need to become a Successful Amazon Seller


  • We also had a subscription to a price software that checked the prices and rankings of products (we used Scoutify, which you can get on iTunes and Google Play these days instead of a scanner)
  • Subscription to price changing software (we used RePriceIt)
  • Something to track the profitability of your products (I have heard great things about InventoryLab, but we didn’t use them. I wish we had, instead of just guessing about what was really making money and what wasn’t.)
  • Another good (FREE!) resource is CamelCamelCamel, it tracks the prices of everything on Amazon, so it’s a good way to see if a product is a good investment.
If you are interested in truly becoming an Amazon seller, then there is a series of 3 free videos from the Selling Family that are really helpful for new sellers. They aren’t my videos, I have been out of the Amazon selling business for too long to give you new, up-to-date information. They also have an awesome post you can find here that talks about how to become an Amazon FBA seller.

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