Hey there! Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Preparing for Baby!

My first pregnancy was crazy. My finances were in shambles because of my now-ex husband’s heroin and pain pill addiction. If it hadn’t been for the stockpile I’d build, I don’t know how I woud have handled being a single mom when Autumn was young.

My second pregnancy was great, my husband was supportive and kind, but we were b-r-o-k-e. He worked all the time and I did too, we weren’t sure how we would survive financially without me working.

I know about being broke and wanting to be as prepared as you can for having your baby

This guide is a collection of my own blog posts and deals I’ve found around the web. I hope it helps you, and encourages you!



Preparing for Baby During Pregnancy


Preparing for Labor & Delivery

Postpartum Days: Survive and Thrive!

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