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Why I have mixed feelings about baby gear. A great article talking about the real pros and cons!

Post updated 12/19/2015

We’re now preparing for our second baby and are really excited to have everything we need for baby. This time, we had a great experience with getting what little gear we did need from places other than just Amazon or the store, because baby stuff is expensive if you aren’t careful.

Wonderful Used Baby Gear I Loved

When it came time to prepare for baby Logan, there weren’t many things I really needed but there were a few other things that I really wanted, like a glider. There was always one for rocking little kids at my parents’ house growing up and I figured that it was time to commit to one, so I asked my family to pitch in and I would be happy if I got nothing else from any of them. My parents went out the day of my shower and intended to buy a new chair, so my mom sent my dad to Babys-R-US. Of course, they are crazy expensive there and my dad called home to double check and I was horrified. We did a quick search and found one on Craigslist for $80.

I was excited because I hate spending lots of money when I can save it and get the same thing for the same quality, so when mom asked if there were any colors I wanted, or didn’t want, I told her the color of “paid $200 less than new” was good for me. When we got there, it happened to be the exact color of one I had been drooling over online, so Craigslist for the win!

Why I have mixed feelings about baby gear. A great article talking about the real pros and cons!A few other things I got used were a new nursing pillow. Somehow, mine ended up getting lost in one of the 3 moves we had in between kids, so this one was used for $10 and I loved the pattern and colors.

The Disappointments of Used Baby Gear

This week, we had a pretty big disappointment searching for baby gear. I found an “amazing, like new crib that’s only two years old” that belonged to a friend of a friend. I agreed to pay $40 for the crib, and sent my husband to get it after work. The crib that came back to me was made in 1998, has drop down sides and several other features that make it unsafe according to the current standards. I knew when I saw the crib that it wasn’t three years old, but the fact that I was sold a recalled crib was a pretty big disappointment.

So, there is one lesson learned. If you buy used baby gear, make sure to check and see if it’s recalled. In hindsight, I probably should have thought of this before I bought the crib, but now I know. I am by no means against buying used nursery gear, just use a bit of caution because you might end up with something like a crib that you have to buy new hardware for, or might be unusable entirely.

Update 12/19/2015: We couldn’t find the crib hardware because the company had gone out of business, so we ended up using a beautiful used bassinet we found at a yard sale until my parents bought a new crib for Autumn because they knew how broke we were. 

Buying Used Baby Clothes and Online

In between Autumn and Logan’s births I found Swap.com where I’ve been sending all of the used clothes I’ve decided not to save for one reason or another. Having a good sized credit there from sending in several boxes of Autumn’s old clothes is nice, because I know if there comes a time when I need something for either kid I can get them without having to pay anything out of pocket.

If you have already had your first and you’re expecting number two (or three, or seven…whatever!), now is a great time to go through anything you may have in your house and consider whether those outgrown clothes will serve you better in storage or as a credit for new-to-you gear on Swap. I don’t many any money off that link, it’s not referral or affiliate link, I just know it’s been a huge help to my family and I really love having a place to send my hand-me-downs that benefits me and lets me buy anything I need.

Have you ever bought used nursery gear? What about furniture? What has your experience been? I hope you were smarter than me and didn’t make rookie mistakes like buying gear you can’t use. 😉