This year, I have chosen progress to be my theme. Last year I did a lot of great things with making my family’s life simpler and healthier, so this year I want to focus on maintaining those systems.

Why I picked progress as my theme this year

I struggle with being perfectionistic. My husband and best friend will tell you I am obsessive. My husband also says I’m a neat freak, something my mother laughs at because they see me in two different lights. They’re both right. As a teenager I struggled with keeping anything tidy. My room was always a disaster, and it wasn’t much different as a young wife. The reason wasn’t because I couldn’t keep my space clean or that I was lazy and unmotivated all the time (sometimes that was an issue, but a small part of it).

My issue was that I struggled to see the point in doing anything if it wasn’t perfect. If I did the dishes and 2 hours later there was half a sink full again, I let that eat away at my motivation. When I had dogs in my house and I constantly had to vacuum, only to see the same level of hair there a few days later I lost my drive to maintain the system, so I would give up and would only clean when things got really bad. Let me tell you, that system sucked. It didn’t work for me or make me happy, it mostly just brought stress and shame because I knew I was failing.

I had to fix something. So last year when I decided to take matters into my own hands and start making positive, intentional changes I made huge progress. I decluttered, simplified, purged, organized and made healthier choices with healthcare and our menu, got our finances in order by starting to pay off debt and put money into savings…I was proud and I had a lot of reason to be. But my main struggle wasn’t in all of the things I simplified and made better, it was in the systems I wasn’t maintaining because I wanted perfection.

This year – progress, not perfection!

Progress is not the achievement of your goals, but all of the little steps leading up to that point. This year, with Logan coming next month and a renewed sense of purpose with our finances, my goal is to just keep making progress. Baby steps are better than no steps at all. I’ve seen it in little things like paying off debt – when I take a few dollars here and there and apply them to the balances I owe it doesn’t seem like much, but a few months later I look at my balances and I’m way ahead of schedule and it keeps me motivated – the same with saving, especially with little things like Digit.

I want to keep moving forward, doing better with spending less money on the necessities and maintaining healthier choices for our food and lifestyle choices. I also want to be more consistent with here on the blog, so you can look forward to more from me. 🙂

If you’re doing a theme for this year, please share it below! If you’re a blogger and you want to share your blog post talking about your theme this year, please leave a link and I’ll try to stop by and read it!